Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 Black blazer by Topshop
V-neck by T- by Alexander Wang
Oxford top by ACNE
Black belt by Topman
Black midrise skinnys by J Brand
Black pumps by Yves Saint Laurent
Bag by Céline

As females, we have the tendency to buy A LOT of clothes, but how many of those clothing items are versatile until the next season? I've been there. I would buy a lot of clothes and most of the clothing items weren't even versatile for the next season so I was left with clothes piling up and usually left for sale. I was pretty aware with the basics in a versatile wardrobe but never actually got around in building a functional wardrobe until maybe two years ago. Trends change all the time, but not the basics.

  1. Most of us probably have one of the most basic an essential clothing item already: the denim. Denim jeans is as basic as it gets. Whether it's low rise, medium rise, high rise, light wash, dark wash, or raw, they function as a very versatile piece. The rise really depends on your body. For me, a high waisted is most flattering since I have a long torso, but short legs. Denim jeans can be paired with really ANY top. A peplum top, an oxford shirt, a classic v-neck, or even a blouse. It can be dressed up with a pair of  pumps or dressed down to your favourite sneakrs or boots.
  2. The v-neck is something I really emphasize in building a functional wardrobe. It can be worn during any season by just layering up or down. Add a basic black blazer to dress it up or a cardigan or your favourite jersey jacket to dress it down. 
  3. The oxford shirt- an oxford shirt is really just a fancy name for a button down top. The oxford top is something we are all familiar with. It is as versatile as the v-neck but it has a more sophisticated feel to it than the v-neck. When I don't really have any inspiration for an outfit, I just pair this top buttoned 3/4's way, with my favourite boyfriend jeans and a pair of black pumps and you have an outfit that is effortless and chic.
  4. It surprises me how many people that don't actually own a basic black belt! It serves as a basic accessory. It REALLY brings an outfit together and the belt alone can be enough to not have to accessorize. Really make an investment in a good belt because you wan't it to last you a very long time.
  5. A classic black blazer is a piece I wear probably 3 times a week, depending on the season. I always turn to my trusty black blazer when I want to dress up an outfit without going overboard. It really is one of those items that you will want in your wardrobe because it can really be SOO versatile. It can be worn with shorts, skirts, or long jeans. There are many types of black blazers such as the boyfriend blazer or tailored. Tailored blazers are meant to be more sophisticated because of its fitted style. A boyfriend blazer would be best worn with denim shorts, boyfriend jeans, or just a basic denim pants.
  6. Now my favourite part- black pumps. These beauties will do you well in the long run so invest in a WELL made pump.  Not only are they a neutral, they will go with any outfit whether it's formal or informal. When you're going for the effortless look, a basic black pump can be paired with boyfriend jeans and a loose white v-neck. I love black pumps made by Altuzarra.
  7. Bags are an item you definitely want to make a good investment on. They don't have to necessarily break you wallet, but invest in one that is well made and can go with any outfit. I find black bags tend to go with all of my outfits, so theres a tip! For me a bag has to be black, a satchel or a medium sized shoulder bag (large ones can look too bulky), leather, and atleast 1 inside compartment with a zipper.

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